The Power of 3 Tour 2015

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From May 2015, the company will be performing a new triple bill of dance


A new work by company Artistic Director Sue Lewis. “I’ve worked with a trio of women, Effie, Catrin and Natasha examining some of Picasso’s paintings and why he used three figures in his work so much.

Picasso Three Dancers

Picasso Three Dancers

I’ve been astounded at the dancers’ response to the tasks that I have set them: such depth of understanding from tiny intricate details to larger more general pictorial representation of human, sensual movement”

Re-Tracing Emergence

A new piece by company Associate Choreographer Gary Lambert. It’s a direct development of a piece that he made for the company last season, Sentient Trace, and has taken on a new direction in terms of physicality, a new episode and emergence of its sentience.
A sensibility and appreciation of the transient beauty of a physical world, its imperfection, impermanence and incompletion, An emergence into the world, of becoming, existence bringing forth and laying down an expressive sensory translation of being.  No explanation for ‘being’, any ‘proof’ or reason; it is the objective and subjective brought together by their relationship of manifestation and intention, where choices for potential directionalities establish through an unfolding and witnessing.


A new work by company dancer Catrin Lewis.  Using a video created especially by RE:Act! (sound by José Macabra and video by Miguel Domingo-Redondo) Catrin has made a moving exploration of events inspired by scenarios surrounding the Omaha Beach Landing in WW2.
It’s an audiovisual dance piece with four main points based on the Omaha Beach landing in WW2. The points are the beach before the attack, the moment of the attack dominated by the human-made metallic artefacts, the concept of authority and finally the physical exhaustion.
With that in mind, it’s important to move away from the good/evil dichotomy that brings nothing new to the equation. The creators want to speak about something more personal, and, perhaps because of this, decided to focus on the individuals, on their singular experience rather than their mass experience. After all a violent death, in all its horror, is likely to focus and narrow perception down to the single body

More details of the work can be found here by reading the choreographers blogs
Take a look at a preview here


May 8th 2015 at The Met, Abertillery, South Wales UK
May 23rd 2015 at Canolfan Ucheldre, Holyhead, Wales UK
July 15th – 18th 2015 at GOlive Oxford Playhouse, UK
August 12th-17th 2015 at Burg Namedy, Andenach, Germany
October 23rd 2015 at Bedwellty House & Park, Tredegar, Wales UK (TBC)
October 30th 2015 at St Paul’s Community Church, North Marylebone, London

More dates to follow 

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